About Sherri —

Hello my name is Sherri Widtfeldt and I am a California licensed esthetician since 2006 working in a private studio in downtown Walnut Creek, CA.

Throughout the years I have received advanced training and certifications in various modalities, therapeutic and corrective skincare applications for various skin conditions.  I continue to research and study a holistic approach for true skin transformation under the tutelage of well respected educators in our industry as well as brilliant health practitioners.

The health and wellness industries will continue to advance biotechnology and information medicine to accelerate changes for a more healthy you.  Some of these technology advances along with Eastern practices synergistically work wonders in restoring optimum whole health and well-being. This really excites and inspires me to share with you how the most advanced products and highly effective treatments can help you look and feel your best.

As a committed skincare professional, I am dedicated to bringing to you quality-driven, science based skincare products and effective therapies safely for healthy glowing skin.


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